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CONNSTEP provides training in Lean methods and facilitates Lean activities that improve business processes for healthcare organizations.

Hospitals around the world are successfully implementing Lean practices for the benefit of patients, employees, providers, and the organization itself. Lean methods simultaneously enable provision of better care and cost reductions. Position your organization for expansion and growth by beginning a conversation with our Lean consultants. From clinical integration to electronic health records, from market driven-exchanges to value based payments all aimed at eliminating preventable medical error – change is constant. Simultaneously, reimbursement to healthcare providers continues to decline at both the federal and state level, making it imperative that hospital leaders transform their organizations through strategies that concurrently increase revenue and sharply reduce costs.

Applying the Toyota Production System to Medicine

Hear Dr. Gary Kaplin, chairman and CEO for Virginia Mason Health System, present how his organization has implemented Lean processes to improve the quality and efficiency of health care at the St. Luke’s Health System Summit on Friday, Feb. 15, 2013.

Virginia Mason’s application of the Toyota Production System to healthcare was also covered by PBS Newshour

The Lean Principles in Healthcare series is a structured program covering a number of principles, strategies, and tools that are needed to implement and sustain Lean thinking as the foundation upon which excellence is built. The series can be customized to meet the specific needs of any healthcare program.

The curriculum is focused on teaching basic concepts and practical skills needed to drive and sustain measurable operational improvements.

Lean Principles in Healthcare:

  1. Understand value as specified by the customer—a quick visit
  2. Identify the value stream for each product or service and remove the waste (non value added)—time on hold, call backs, walking or waiting
  3. Make the value stream flow without interruptions from beginning to end—no or minimal waiting by staff or patient
  4. Let the customer pull the product or value—pulling the medicine refill when needed
  5. Strive for perfection—every doctor, nurse, technician, improves his or her process for better value (less waste) for the customer
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Value stream mapping (VSM) is an effective methodology for identifying opportunities for improvement by first characterizing the current state and then using a combination of Lean thinking methodologies and brainstorming to identify a future state with less waste.

CONNSTEP personnel can train personnel in a healthcare institution in VSM techniques, and can also facilitate a VSM project on site. A VSM across the full value stream of a healthcare institution reveals where the constraints are and allows corrective actions that effect better processes to serve the patient and the organization and can often do that while reducing both operating and capital costs.

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CONNSTEP is collaborating with Mark Graban, author ofLean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Satisfaction, which was awarded the Shingo Prize in 2009,and co-author of Healthcare Kaizen. Mark is the creator of, and is a Senior Fellow at the Lean Enterprise Institute, specializing in conducting value stream mapping activities at healthcare institutions.

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