CoreValue Benchmarking Software

Check The Pulse of Your Business: Capture, Build & Monetize Your Company’s True Value

CoreValue® is a cloud-based value assessment suite that helps business owners and CEOs assess 18 Value Drivers to strengthen their companies. This benchmarking software has helped thousands of companies build value and grow revenue.

Backed by 30 years of research and powered by algorithms developed at MIT and proven in the market, it’s an invaluable tool for capturing, building, and monetizing value.

Identify Improvement Areas Quickly

CEOs and business owners who want to take their business to the next level can use CoreValue® to best understand the current state of their organization and quickly and accurately identify the areas to improve:

  • quantify intangible business drivers
  • understand the true value of your business
  • pinpoint the improvement areas to generate the most company value

Measure Important Intangible Assets

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Chuck Richards, Founder and CEO of CoreValue Software, has seen the destruction wrought when middle market businesses can’t transfer their value to new owners. Read about Core Value in Action

CoreValue® software measures your company’s hidden intangible assets and provides you with a true indication of your enterprise’s worth. It helps you understand what parts of your business are working well, and quickly identify what needs fixing. This helps you build a better business that can be sustained over the long haul. Leverage CoreValue® to:

  • successfully transfer ownership
  • raise capital
  • reach new heights

30 Years of Research on Core Value Drivers

Backed by 30 years of research, CoreValue® uses sophisticated algorithms developed at MIT to determine business value by looking at 18 core value drivers (or keys to a successful company).

Think of your business as an engine whose outputs are revenue and profits. CoreValue® quantifies the ‘gears’ inside the engine, and their ability to work together to drive future revenue and profit.

CoreValue® quantifies the durability, sustainability, and efficiency of your business engine. When combined with industry data and financial performance (revenue and profit), CoreValue® helps you understand your company’s enterprise value, potential enterprise value, the ‘Value Gap’ between the two, and how to close the gap.