The Evolution of a Program

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I have been a lead facilitator and instructor for the CICC program for the last seven years and over that period of time, the program has grown and evolved due to direct input from those who have completed the program.

Although not a requirement, more and more attendees are coming to the program with a greater understanding of Lean thinking concepts. This pre-existing understanding puts them in a better position to start their required projects earlier and finish stronger.

The types of projects have also evolved in unison with the attendees themselves. Initially the program was attended by individuals wishing to make a difference in plant operations, but today we see that more than half of the improvement activities are focused on office and/or support functions.

To this day, I’m always amazed at the results that are reported out by the participants on certification day. Not only are they proud to be representing their organizations, but they’re also proud to have been part of the CICC program. As an instructor and a representative of the CONNSTEP organization, I am also pleased to know that I played a role in this educational experience.

Like we always ask the CICC graduates, what are some of the positive changes you have experienced as a result of your Lean activities?

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  1. Nick Wallick III
    10/2/2013 at 1:20pm

    The CICC program opened up possibilities of finding waste in many operations often overlooked. A great program to attend.

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